Where will Mbappe go? Saudi Arabia getting closer, but more likely Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe won’t be at PSG for long, that’s for sure. There are more and more signals every day, the situation is poisoning the entire team. The striker was not taken on the pre-season tour: the management is sure that he has already agreed on a transfer to Real Madrid as a free agent in the summer of 2024, although he had previously promised that he would not leave without compensation. Apparently, now he will be forced to keep this word – or he will not enter the field until winter (the Qatari owners of PSG can afford this – as well as offer a  billion euros for an extension). The team’s statement was exhaustive: “Only those players who are committed to the club and want to stay will go on tour.” So far, only Canal+ has won in this story, planning to make a documentary about where the Frenchman will eventually go. And the bookmakers, they’ve already set the odds for Kilian’s transfer.

Will Mbappe really leave? Bookmakers only believe in Real Madrid – everyone else loses to PSG

PSG want at least 100 million euros for Kilian, according to The Athletic journalist Mario Cortegana. Given the history of the contract, the 200 million that the Parisians talked about during Madrid’s last attempt to pull out the leader of the French team is no longer remembered. The Parisian club are not opposed to putting Mbappe on the bench this season, but this does not affect Kylian in any way. Journalist Daniel Riolo said on the After Foot program that Mbappe intends to stay at the club despite the suspension. “I have spoken to people who are very close to Kylian Mbappé. I was given to understand that, surrounded by Mbappe, they are ready to accept the situation, to sacrifice the season if he does not play. No one from Mbappe’s entourage will make statements. They will wait until September to present their version. Mbappe doesn’t want to leave PSG and is ready to stay, even if it means not playing and staying on the bench.” Mbappe stays at PSG – 3.50 And what is the interest of Mbappe himself? According to insiders, in money. It is important for Mbappe to receive 60 million euros of salary for the season from PSG, as well as 90 million euros of a loyalty bonus, which he was promised in May 2022 upon renewal. Having taken this 150 million, Kylian would like to go to Real Madrid as a free agent – in January, to agree on a transfer in the summer of 2024. And knock out 100-125 million lifting points from Madrid, which they discussed a year ago. According to bookies, Real Madrid are still the main contenders to buy Kylian right in this window (1.65) however, Carlo Ancelotti has already stated that he is ready to go without new centre-forwards.

And Saudi Arabia? The likelihood is less

There is no one else among the contenders for Mbappe in Europe. The situation is this: “Madrid” is strenuously pretending that he doesn’t really need Mbappe here and now, so he’s not going to pay, he’s ready to wait a year. Kilian himself only wants to go to Real Madrid, although PSG are actively begging him to at least talk to other clubs that are willing to pay. According to Marca and Fabrizio Romano, among the contenders for Mbappe is Al-Hilal, offering him the richest conditions (700 million euros for a year with the option to leave as a free agent in the summer of 2024). At the same time, Al-Hilal has already agreed with PSG and intends to pay 300 million euros. In Paris, they are convinced that the 24-year-old Frenchman will not go to Saudi Arabia, but they will try to persuade him. Bookmakers give2.75 to move to any Arabian club. Then there is a big gap. Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal in the same pool – withodds 34.00. More or less eminent (and rich) teams surfaced in rumors about Mbappe: from Barca and Milan to Tottenham and Newcastle. However, there were few insiders about the specific actions of the clubs: RMC Sport journalist Fabrice Hawkins shared that Chelsea were indeed studying the possibility of a transfer, but the matter did not come to an official proposal. To buy Mbappe, you need to get rid of a few players, and this is not a quick process. Bayern Munich (67.00) is also listed among the contenders, but this seems unlikely. What scenario do you believe in?

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