Messi immediately breaks in America: three games – five goals. Have the odds on his goals collapsed?

It’s easy for him. Lionel Messi continues: the second match at the start of Inter Miami and the second double. Now he helped beat Orlando City (3:1) and reach the 1/8 finals.

The Argentine put both balls from the center of the penalty area. When he opened the scoring, he rushed there on a jerk, took it on his chest and immediately struck, and in the second half he took advantage of a partner’s rally and hammered in almost without resistance.

Messi has a goal for Inter every 41 minutes so far. Impressive. And looks like a beginner level for Leo. That way you can win a trophy. The League Cup was the first to come to hand – this is a tournament for the clubs of the USA and Mexico, since this year it has just received the official status of the continental federation – CONCACAF. Winners of the tournament will immediately go to the local Champions League.

Messi has already been given only 1.8 per goal.

Leo’s goal before the game was assessed as a very likely event – odds of 1.8 spoke about this. And he played already in the seventh minute of the match. Probably, before the next match – 1/8 finals against Dallas – the odds will fall even more.

Before the game, for example, the experts offered different combinations: that Inter would take the lead after Messi’s goal for 3.30 (played), that Messi would score more than the entire Orlando for 4.10 (played), that Messi would score, and Inter will win for 2.10 (also played). All combinations worked. So now they estimate the likelihood of Messi’s personal achievements in the MLS, evaluating him against the background of North American teams: Over 7.5 goals – 1.90 (no) / 1.80 (yes) Over 7.5 assists – 1.80 (no) / 1.90 (yes) Over 2.5 goals from penalties – 1.80 (no) / 1.90 (yes) Over 1, 5 goals from free kicks – 1.42 (no) / 2.65 (yes)

The coefficient on balls from free kicks is so low, among other things, because Messi has at least two such goals in 11 of the last 12 seasons. It didn’t work out only in the 2021/22 season, the first for PSG, but there were a lot of posts and crossbars.

For clubs, Leo has 53 free kicks, including two seasons with seven such goals at Barça.

Has alreadycoefficient and the fact that Messi will become the top scorer of the season in MLS – 31. He is 12th in the list. And this despite the fact that Leo will burst into the league in the middle of the season, the German Hani Mukhtar from Nashville is in the lead there, he already has 13 goals. And Messi start from scratch. Do you think Leo will be able to do this?

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