Forecast for the FA Super Cup and top matches of the Championship

The English season started on Friday, but today one of the main “preludes” of the new campaign is the FA Super Cup match between Manchester City and Arsenal! True, in addition to him, there are several more interesting fights in the Championship. The starting forecasts for the 1st round were successful, let’s try to develop them. Manchester City – Arsenal. A bright poster that promises a similar football. Both teams love to attack and have good offensive lines. This is the first official match of the season, and we still can’t know exactly what shape the opponent is in. However, in the pre-season, the rivals were effective in front and not reliable enough in the back. The Super Cup does not have a crazy prestige and has long been perceived as an additional stage of pre-season training. That is why I am waiting here for fun football without defense. Let’s also remember how effective the opponents were in friendly matches. City have scored eight goals and conceded six in five games. Arsenal have played six matches, the goal difference is 13:8. The numbers are impressive and hint at a scoring outcome in the FA Super Cup match. In addition, I expect success specifically from the Arsenal attack. Arteta definitely wants to beat Pep (he managed it only once in the last nine matches), and the entire Arsenal will certainly want to take revenge on the Citizens for last year’s defeat in the title race – albeit such a local one.
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