Women’s World Cup 2023. Day 18

The regular matches of the first round of the playoffs of the World Championship in Australia and New Zealand ended. The teams that came out of groups B and D took part in them.

1/8 finals, lower bracket. England 0:0 Nigeria (0:0, a.e., 4:2 on penalties), Leng Park (Brisbane)

The champions of last year’s Euro always left the group (if they did, of course, because they did not qualify for the World Cup three times), and in the last two World Cups, the English women reached the semi-finals. In Canada, England beat Norway and Canada, but lost to Japan (everywhere the score was 2:1). They took the bronze by defeating the Germans in overtime (1:0, a.i.). At the last World Cup, on the way to the final, the “lionesses” were stopped by the Americans, and in the match for third place they lost to the Swedes (both matches – 1:2).

Wards Sarina Wigman won the group, modestly beating Haiti and Denmark (both – 1:0), but defeating China (6:1). Wigman decided to move away from the 3-4-3 scheme in favor of 3-5-2 (and at the start of the tournament it was generally 4-3-3), given the return of Kira Walsh , who was injured in the game with the Scandinavian team.

Unlike their rivals, Nigerians are regular participants in the world championships, only before this match they only participated in the playoffs twice – in 1999 and 2019. The African team did not go beyond the first round: in the quarter-finals of the 1999 World Cup, it lost to Brazil (3:4, SG), and 20 years later – to Germany (0:3).

Nigeria has never lost in this World Cup, first drawing with Canada (0:0), then winning a strong-willed victory over Australia (3:2), and then drawing again with Ireland (0:0). Randy Waldrum didn’t start Asisat Oshoalu for the second time . The first time, against Australia, it worked, as Oshoala scored the goal.

In 1995, the only meeting of these teams took place on the fields of Sweden. Then England won with a score of 3:2.

Melissa Borjas from Honduras was assigned to the game . She worked at matches Italy – Argentina (1:0) and Germany – Colombia (1:2).

The match was tough. It was difficult for England and Nigeria to bring attacks to truly dangerous blows, but they still were. In the 16th minute, Ashley Plumtre hit the crossbar with a long-range shot. In the middle of the first half, a 11-meter penalty was awarded for the fact that Rashidat Acibade knocked down Rachel Dali in the penalty area , but Melissa Borjas , who looked at the VAR , changed her mind and the penalty was canceled. At the 84th minute, Lauren James and Michelle Alozi collided, after which James stepped on Alozi , for which she first received a yellow card. However, Borjas’ assistantssaw in this movement an accentuated offensive, and once again sent her to watch a video replay, after which Melissa replaced the warning with a removal.

The main time of the game again ended without goals. Nobody scored in extra time either. In the penalty shootout, the English were the first to beat. Georgia Stanway’s first shot sent the ball somewhere to the left of the gate, Desire Oparanosi’s return shot hit the same place. Bethany England opened the scoring, and Michelle Alozi sent the ball to the same place where the projectile called “Adidas Finale 11” is approximately now. Rachel Dali , Rashidat Ajibadeh , Alex Greenwood and Christy Ucheibe realized their attempts. Chloe Kellyscored a decisive blow and brought her team to the quarterfinals. Nigeria finishes for the first time with a positive goal difference (+1), while England will play the winner of the Colombia – Jamaica pair.

VISA Player of the Match: Mary Earps (England)

Randy Waldrum (Head Coach Sat Nigeria): “I’m so proud of them for showing up and playing the way they did today. We had every opportunity to win. Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve this. We had our best moments, we hit the crossbar twice. When it comes to penalties, it’s everyone’s game.”

1/8 finals, lower bracket. Australia 2:0 Denmark, Olympic Stadium (Sydney)

The Australian team was able to overcome the group stage stage only at the fourth World Cup – in 2007. The Matildas reached the quarterfinals three times, only if in 2007 and 2011 it was the first round, then in 2015 the Australians beat the Brazilians to the quarterfinals (1:0). In the next round, they lost to the Japanese (0:1).

Australia won group B. Despite losing to Nigeria (2:3) in the second round, they defeated Ireland (1:0) and Canada (4:0). There were no major changes to the base.

Denmark has been waiting for a return to the World Cup for 16 years, and for the playoffs – all 28. In 1991, the Scandinavian team lost to Germany (1:2, a.i.), and 4 years later – to Norway (1:3).

In Group D, the Danes finished second, beating China (1:0), losing to England (0:1) and again beating Haiti (2:0). Lars Søndergaard also made no substitutions in the starting lineup.

The first time these teams met at the 1995 World Cup. Then Denmark smashed rivals (5:0). Then the teams won one victory each, tied once with a penalty shoot-out (which the Danes won).

Chief referee – Englishwoman Rebecca Walsh . Refereeed the games of Colombia with South Korea (2:0) and Portugal with the USA (0:0).

It was only the second meeting at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. The match proceeded at a fairly calm pace. At the 29th minute, Mary Fowler gave a cool pass to Caitlin Ford , who opened the scoring. In general, many dangerous moments came from the left flank, where Ford played . European team leader Pernille Harder also had many chances , but the threat to MacKenzie Arnold’s goal was negligible. In the 70th minute, Fowler passed the ball to Emily van Egmond , who, being on the goalkeeper’s line, was not greedy and made the pass to Hayley Raso . Raso scored her third goal of the tournament. After 10 minutes, she entered the fieldSam Kerr . She missed the entire group stage due to injury. The Australian team will play in the next round with the winner in the match France – Morocco.

VISA Player of the Match: Caitlin Ford (Australia)

Katherine Vaye (Denmark): “I am extremely disappointed. You can’t use it for everything, but statistically, we should have won this match. I’m so proud. We played in front of 75,000 people and it was absolutely amazing. This is what we all dreamed of. I’m really proud of everyone. Everyone just needs to say a big thank you because they deserve it.”

Results of the eighteenth day of the 2023 World Cup:

1/8 finals, lower bracket. England 0:0 Nigeria (0:0, a.e., 4:2, v.p.)

1/8 finals, lower bracket. Australia 2:0 Denmark (29′ Ford , 70′ Raso )

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