“PSG” Is Not Afraid Of Anyone, “Atalanta” Is A Nightmare For The Tops Of Serie A, “Union” – The Bundesliga.

Who is Arsenal afraid of, what is Robin Hood in Italy, who slows down Villarreal in the La Liga table?

Let’s make a reservation right away – we take a time period for about the last 10 years (only championships, without cups), and averagely select the five main teams (by points and final place – which is why, for example, Union is an average, not a top club, although and qualified for the Champions League last season. We do not take into account matches between teams from the top 5 and take only teams that are currently in the top divisions of their championships.

It’s time to remember where and when the upsets can wait for us.

EPL: Pep’s fight with Brentford, and Arsenal with Brighton
In the Premier League, only in the last couple of years has a new formidable force appeared in the face of Newcastle, and Manchester United have slowed down and completely lost Sir Alex’s baggage. As for surprises –Brighton killing Arsenal.

Over 14 matches, the title contenders from London have a negative win percentage (35.7%), only 1.29 points per match and a negative goal difference. Last season, Arsenal and Brighton exchanged defeats, with the team from the resort city beating the Londoners 3:1 (Arsenal won 4:2 in the second round). It is worth thinking about the total more in the match of the 2023/24 season, but you will have to wait until December.

Number two on the list is Brentford.. In two seasons in the tower, the most Danish team in Great Britain upset Pep Guardiola twice: both times last season (2:1 and 1:0). It seems that the Catalan should buy someone cooler than Kovacic in order to definitely rely on the rotation. The first game is also in December.

And number three is West Ham.Manchester United and Chelsea are constantly suffering from the representatives of north London. But Chelsea neighbors are more likely to go to the veterans hospital after playing with the Hammers. Over the past 10 years and 19 games, the “retirees” have barely reached the 50% win rate (47.4%). After a difficult perestroika season, it seems that there will be defeats. There and Moyes will try.

La Liga
It is easy to understand who is top in Spain, but it is difficult to realize that“Celta” over the past 10 years so much got “Barcelona”. Yes, goal difference and wins for the Catalans, but 1.60 points on average over 20 games is a reason to think.

The rise from the depths at Villarreal happened thanks to the coaching genius of Unai Emery, but forin recent years, the submarine has been pulled to the bottom by Athletic:negative win-loss balance, 1.10 points average over 20 matches, 25% winning percentage… however, last season it was a bit more fun and a 5-1 win came in very handy.

“Mallorca” is the kryptonite of “Atletico” Diego Simeone,and there are no draws in this confrontation. Vedat Muriqui’s factor is doing its job, the Kosovo striker shipped 15 goals last season and does not intend to stop. The first match of the teams at the end of November, is anyone expecting a draw?

In Germany there isa constant named “Bayern”, none of the middle peasants is a hindrance to her, and somehow I don’t even want to say that Tuchel’s team will stumble in the coming season.

But other German tops have one pronounced antagonist each. At Gladbach’s Borussia problems with the opening team of recent years – “Union”.Completely indecent 12.5% ​​win rate over 8 matches, negative goal difference, only 0.63 points on average, just wait until December for the first match. And there, the coefficient for not losing Berlin looks like a lucky ticket.

RB Leipzig can’t stomach Eintracht’s presenceon the field. Everything is also in the red in terms of key indicators. And wait for the next team match until 2024.
Serie A
Atalanta against top clubs in Serie A:Napoli, Milan and Inter suffer from Gasperini’s product with enviable regularity. Moreover, Khvichi’s team is closest to at least 50% of the balance of victories (42.9%), while Roma loses on all fronts.

Juve havethe problem of the Berlusconi-Monza level.Having broken through to Serie A, the project of the former Milan boss immediately began to take points from the eternal enemy of the Rossoneri. Balance of wins against Turin, goal difference too, first match of the 2023/24 season in December. Again, you can think about the line “Monza” will not lose.

PSG against everyone
Ligue 1 has PSG and the rest. Words are practically not needed here, Paris fights successfully against everyone – even against those who create the appearance of a fight for the championship (and sometimes bypass the Parisians).

Here it remains just to believe and hope that someone will slow down the Parisians. Separately, we note the absence of Marseille – PSG is not particularly experiencing problems with the main historical rival.

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